Going Gordo on a Scale of One to Ten

February 22, 2010

As my contribution to the debate about the Prime Minister’s temper, I would like to offer this scale to assist those who may be risking life and limb in approaching him, so they may be aware of the level of danger they face, or warn others accordingly.

Force One: Is calm and placid
Force Two: Becomes agitated
Force Three: Throws a dark look
Force Four: Throws a small item of stationery
Force Five: Throws an insult
Force Six: Throws a mobile phone
Force Seven: Throws a tantrum
Force Eight: Throws a large item of office equipment
Force Nine: Throws a punch
Force Ten: Kicks the furniture over

Hat tip to Iain Dale for the details.



  1. Does carpet biting like a previous Socialist leader come in to this?

    • As in:

      Force One: Is calm and placid
      Force Ten: Bites carpet


      In that context you would have to admire Gordon’s range of emotions.

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